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The college students new "home"

Hadar Hatorah - 1962

Young Jewish college-aged kids, thirsty to learn Torah philosophy from an intellectual point of view, were spilling into the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn from all over the world. They were seeking that legendary group of people who traveled around America and the world bringing the message to the masses that G-d has not forsaken the Jews.

There was no school in the Crown Heights community to receive these students, nevertheless the Crown Heightsers accepted them with open hands. The older students in the central Rabbinical seminary in Lubavitch World Headquarters, would spend time with these young men and teach them the basics of Judaism.

An unofficial student program was formed. The rabbinical students realized that this is not structured enough for these students and there would be a need for a formal program to fit these students’ needs.

Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson, an elder Chasid and one of the founders of the Chabad committee in America, prior to the establishment of its headquarters in New York, organized a program for these students in a space specified for them in the Lubavitch World Headquarters He named it “Hadar Hatorah” – the splendor of Torah.

A few months later after growing out of the space, they moved down the block to their own building.

  One of the first classes in Hadar Hatorah
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