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The Rebbe encourages draftees to recite Psalms daily


The Korean War

Tens of thousands of Americans received draft orders during the Korean crisis, particularly after China and Russia entered the war on the November 26, 1950. Jewish draftees were no exception.

To bolster their spirits, the Rebbe distributed travel provisions to many of the soldiers: A specially printed booklet titled “Message”, whose cover page bore the English and Yiddish inscription, “Faith and Trust in G-d, The Path to Courage and Confidence”. Inside was a letter the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe had sent to Jewish US servicemen during the Second World War. The Rebbe also requested that anxious parents urge their sons in uniform to pay special attention to putting on Tefillen, and this would save them from harm.

On the 15th of Elul, 1950, a serviceman being dispatched to Korea entered the Rebbe told the soldier: "A Jew must attach himself continually to G-d through the commandments which He asked that we fulfill”. The Rebbe than said, “as stated in the previous Rebbe’s letter, that every soldier should recite a chapter of Psalms daily. Learn a verse of the Torah portion, and learn it in English if you will understand it better." The Rebbe concluded, "G-d will watch over you in any dangerous situation and bring you back peacefully, a healthy, strong and whole person."

In letters during the months of draft and the months following, the Rebbe encouraged all Jewish soldiers to be careful with donning Tefillen daily and reciting Psalms, stating that “this is a protection against danger”.


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