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The ‘Evolution’ of “Science and Torah are one”


By Zalman Levine

Many newspaper columnists were shocked at the letter released by the secretariat of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The letter stating that science is not only not a contradiction to the Torah, but rather it supports the fact that it is the most reliant source to the time of the creation of the world and its date!

“Rabbi Versus Scientists”: The columnists immediately connected the Rebbe’s past, studying in Berlin and then in the Paris, where the Rebbe studied engineering and other sciences. The Rebbe, using scientific logic throughout his letter may have stunned outsiders seeing that a Rabbi could write on such a matter, with vast knowledge of scientific subjects and concepts.

Jewish weeklies noted that this was not the first time the Rebbe had used his knowledge of engineering and science to answer complex matters in Jewish law, involving concepts in engineering. For example, the Rebbe waged a massive campaign against traveling on a boat on the Sabbath to Israel, saying that it is impossible to travel on the boat without desecrating the Sabbath laws. Other Rabbis claimed that it is not necessarily so.

The Rebbe said that there is some engineering on the boat needed at all times to prevent the engine from failing.

Three categories were then given to those who were bringing their opinion in traveling on the Sabbath, (1) those who know Jewish law, (2) those who are familiar with engineering, (3) and those who know Jewish law and engineering. The Rebbe of course fit into the third category, making it fit for him to bring an opinion on the matter.

The Rebbe also worked for in the United States Navy, after moving to America with his wife in 1941, creating new inventions and taking part in many conferences on these subjects including in Princeton University.

It is no doubt that the Rebbe’s letter changed the outlook of Torah and science.

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