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Spreading Love
From a letter of the Rebbe, dated
19th of Adar, 5729

To the Friends of Lubavitch
741 Gaily Avenue
Los Angeles, Calif.

Greeting and Blessing:

I was very gratified indeed to receive the encased Key, to the new Lubavitch Center in L.A., through your representatives who came to participate in the Purim celebration. No doubt, on their return, your distinguished representatives conveyed to you the words spoken here at the Purim Farbrengen.

While the words spoken at such an auspicious occasion have a significance of their own, I also wish to convey to you in writing my heartfelt congratulations and prayerful wishes in addition to the blessing which has already been given by G-d Himself, whose reward for each and every good deed is most generous, coming from "His full, open, holy and ample Hand."

I reiterate the prayerful hope which I expressed to your distinguished representatives, namely that the new edifice be a center for various activities to spread goodness and kindness as embodied in our Torah, which is the true good, as it is written, “I have given you a good doctrine [Torah) “ Moreover, that it be a "center" in the fullest sense namely that it extend its influence to the whole periphery. That is to say, that the spirit of the Center, namely the spirit of the Torah, Toras Chaim, as it is permeated with Chasdic light, vitality and warmth, and based on the three loves - the love of G-d, the love of the Torah, and the love of our people Israel - which are one, should reach out to the entire periphery, and. indeed, beyond, to the whole of the West Coast.

Inasmuch as you have been privileged to be the initiators of this great and meritorious project, may G-d grant that you should also see it to its fullest realization, and enjoy the fruits of it to ripe old age, in good health and in true happiness. I also hope that you will be kind to your friends and neighbors and involve them too in this great work of the friends of Lubavitch.

Having just celebrated Purim, and in the spirit of the text of the Megillah, may each and every one of you, in the midst of all our people, enjoy "Light, joy, gladness and honor, in the fullest sense of these meaningful words.

Wishing you the utmost Hatzlocho, and
With esteem and blessing [the Rebbe’s holy signature]


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