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Soul Meetings




"Thanks for your immediate action"
From a letter of the Rebbe 1975

Greeting and Blessing:

This is to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter of Jan. 27th, following the pleasure of our personal meeting and conversation in connection with the distinguished delegation from your city and state on the occasion of our 25th Anniversary.

I appreciate the promptness with which you so thoughtfully conveyed to me the good news about your action immediately upon your return, in regard to the projected Lubavitcher center in Ann Arbor. This truly reflects the great principle of our Sages, which is also the foundation of our religion and way of life, "The essential thing is the deed."

May G-d grant that these, your efforts, as well as those that will follow, and hopefully in a growing measure, will be successful and always carried out with the enthusiasm and alacrity. Time is particularly of the essence in the area of education, as I had occasion to point out. For when one embarks upon ambitious educational programs, involving financial problems, it is clear that the financial difficulty can be overcome in due course, while if one were to curtail an educational activity, or even to delay it, the loss may be irretrievable. A Jewish child who is deprived of the proper Torah Chinuch not only suffers an immediate loss, but he, or she, may fall under undesirable influences from which it might later be difficult to extricate him or her.

May G-d grant that each and every one of us should continue the sacred work and institutions which are conducted in the spirit of my father-in-law of saintly memory, whose 25th Yahrzeit Anniversary we have just observed. And may each and all of us, in the midst of all our people, continue from strength to strength, with inspiration and gladness of heart.

With personal regards, and

With blessing, M. Schneersohn

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