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Soul Meetings




Rabbi Avraham Werdyger, former Knesset member, relates this story:

“…Before I took my leave after our private audience with the Rebbe, I said to the Rebbe “I have a surprise for you.” I removed from a bag which I had brought with me a drawing that I had done of the Rebbe. I placed the picture on the desk in front of the Rebbe.

“The Rebbe was staring at the picture, the Rebbe seemed to be searching for something in the picture. Then I realized the Rebbe saw the corner of the picture, where my signature was. The Rebbe then asked me, ‘You drew this picture?’ I replied yes. The Rebbe said smiling, ‘Rabbi Avraham, this you also know?’”

Special thanks to Rabbi Sholom Ber Levine, chief librarian of ‘Agudath Chasidei Chabad’ library. www.chabadlibrary.org

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