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Soul Meetings



Can a Jew live
in America
Part four of a series of an audience with the Rebbe, of Blessed Memory in the year 1963

Student: Do you think the government in Israel is religious enough to be constitutional for religious Jews?

Rebbe: Are you asking - are you doubting - whether the government is religious or not?

Student: I mean to ask whether all religious Jews should emigrate there?

Rebbe: We are now only a few days before the holiday of Shovuoth, the festival of the receiving of the Torah. As a preface to the giving of the Torah, G-d Almighty outlined what He expected of the Jewish people, and one point and highlight which is expected of the Jewish people, is that they should be a Kingdom of Priests. If we find a proper government for a Kingdom of Priests, including every Jew and Jewess, then this government is fit to become the government of every Jew. The main purpose is to fulfill the Torah's institutions, to make the Jews become a Kingdom of Priests. This is not my own opinion - it is what the Bible says.

Student: Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the American Jew is confronted with the problem of dual allegiance. Which should have priority?

Rebbe: I don't find a contradiction between them. The main thing is spiritual values, then come the secondary ones - the army, guarding the borders, and all other things.

One's main purpose [in life] must be to become a Holy People and a Kingdom of Priests. Do not be afraid: you can become part of a Kingdom of Priests even if you are a professional or a businessman, an engineer or doctor [as mentioned before, by fulfilling G-d’s will].

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