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Soul Meetings



You will struggle with One Hundred and nineteen Knesset members
Three meetings with Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Meeting on Simchat Torah 5745 (Thursday, October 18, 1984)
Benjamin Netanyahu: Rebbe, I came to see you.
Rebbe: Just to see, not to talk?
You are going to the house of lies, and when you are there remember that even when you are in the darkest place, it is your job to ignite the flame of truth. This flame spreads into a light that can be seen from afar and dispels the darkness. You have to ignite this flame because you defend in the world [the United Nations] the truth of the Jewish people.
You have to stand strong and proud for the Jewish people in the United Nations.
We see from the history of the wars that the land of Israel has fought, that only by standing strong can you be successful and win.
Look at the crowd here, most of them are still youngsters, these are our future generations…"
[Than the Rebbe asked] Why is Peres not requesting to enlarge the budget [that the United States was granting to Israel], what is this profligacy, now is the time to request.

Meeting on Hoshana Raba 5748 (Thursday, October 14, 1987)

Rebbe: I have read a lot of your work here. A good and sweet year, success in all your endeavors and great success in all your matters.
Benjamin Netanyahu: Honored Rabbi, you constantly follow what is occurring in the State of Israel…
Rebbe: I always follow, however to my disappointment we do not hear…
Benjamin Netanyahu: They hear more than the Rebbe assumes.
Rebbe: Maybe they hear, however there is no good news. The deed is the essential, however perhaps you could influence them from here [in the United Nations].
Benjamin Netanyahu: I am planning in the near future to return to Israel and to battle over the issues there and attempt to have influence [from there].
Rebbe: There is plenty more to influence over here in the United Nations.
Benjamin Netanyahu: It is possible to struggle [for these issues] from the land of Israel. It is of important concern that there should actually be a good replacement.
Rebbe: There is no one to be confident in [that there should be a good replacement].
Benjamin Netanyahu: There are several good contestants.
Rebbe: That is doubtful [that there is a good replacement], and doubt does not take away from the certain [your influence while in the UN].
You know that in the UN there is the factor of the Seven Noahide Laws.
Benjamin Netanyahu: Yes, yes.
Rebbe: It is the duty of the Jew to have influence on the non-Jews. And this is your duty to be active [in influencing the Seven Noah Laws upon the non-Jews in the UN].
Benjamin Netanyahu: I have not forgotten our first meeting, and I have been active in what the honored Rabbi told me, to stand proud and strong [as a Jew], it has been engraved in me and I have acted accordingly.
Rebbe: You sure know that Benjamin was the only one of the tribes who was born in the Land of Israel, and he was active afterwards on the non-Jews and he was the leader of the non-Jews with the proper might and with the "pride of Jacob."
Benjamin Netanyahu: I am serving here for five years…
Rebbe: You could continue to serve here until Moshiach comes!

Meeting on the 2nd of Iyar 5748 (Tuesday, April 19, 1988)

Benjamin Netanyahu: I just finished my term as the ambassador of Israel in the United Nations, and I have started my position as a Knesset member.
Rebbe: Much success. I had a lot of pleasure from your speech. May it be G-d's will that you should continue in this direction, and G-d helps all those which want "to purify others," and especially when it is started with "adorn yourself." Do not take it harshly that I speak regarding these issues in public.
Benjamin Netanyahu: I plan to continue in this exact direction, and I have understood the Rebbe's message well.
Rebbe: This is the best direction in order that they should not have to come to the issue of warfare, war and the like. It should be "In return and in ease you will be saved."
Benjamin Netanyahu: I thank the Rebbe for the possibility he has given me these last few years to come and receive the mental help that the Rebbe has given me, not merely to me, but moreover the entire Jewish nation.
Rebbe: I am just in the beginning of my job, and you are also in the beginning of your job [in the Knesset].
Benjamin Netanyahu: I have come at the beginning of my work to the man in the beginning of his work. And I plan to return to you, honored Rebbe.
Rebbe:You will need to struggle with 119 people. You will for sure not be influenced from them, since G-d has favor for this side. Blessing and success.


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