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The Arab Philosophy
An audiance with the Lubavitcher Rebbe of Blessed Memory

The 27th of Sivan 5750 (June 20, 1990)

Shlomo Gazit: I would like to say a few words in regard to the situation of the government [in Israel]. I am not and I was never a "party member," however today I know all those in the Labor party. And I could be witness to the fact that they are fearful for the security of Israel no less than others. There is no foundation to the news that Peres has made a "deal" with Arafat or the Palestinians. This is false and nonsense.
Rebbe: I am sure you know the nature of the Arabs, and not only Arabs but all the children of Noah, that they do not seek to find hidden reasons, only they except the facts as is. And in our case: The fact that a person who represents this and this amount of Jews, who met the Arabs in a friendly way and had negotiations regarding the return to the land, a fact which is publicized immediately [in the press], and not only in that country but in all the Arab lands, also to the Arabs which reside in South Africa and the like - it is a clear proof to them that there is what to speak about.
Shlomo Gazit: The subject of returning to the land will be brought up anyway to the conclusion of the people [of Israel]. They will not do anything without making a vote or consensus.
Rebbe: You are speaking about the returning of the land. I am speaking about the way the Arabs act towards the Jews now, in the old city of Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria.
Shlomo Gazit: This is the situation in the Likud party.
Rebbe: When a person removes the responsibility from himself, this does not mean that G-d agrees that he is anulled from the responsibility [of what he has caused]. This is meant in regard to you and also in regard to Shimon Peres.
Let it be G-d's will that we will not need to come to all these debates, since immediately Moshiach will arrive, and than all the problems will be void in the best of ways, in a way of peace - and to this I am sure all parties will agree to.

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